Victor Alvarez


Growing up in Colombia, South America, near his family’s cattle and dairy operations, Victor Alvarez learned to appreciate farming skills as well as the pastoral beauty of the land. Although he pursued a successful medical career, Victor maintained his love of agriculture by establishing Miraflores Winery in 2003.

Victor is a practicing pathologist in Arizona, and on weekends you’ll find him at Miraflores. While the precision demanded of his medical specialty has influenced the winery’s focus on quality from grape to glass, Victor credits his winemaking team for its award-winning vintages.

Victor says, “Enjoy Miraflores wines in good health.”

Fernando Abarca

Fernando Abarca


Fernando grew up in Morelos, Mexico, where he studied at the Zacatep Institute of Technology. But it wasn’t until he started working in the Sierra Foothills that he developed a passion for wine. While working in the vineyards, he learned one of his most important wine-making lessons: that, as his mentor Marco Cappelli says, “good grapes make good wines.”

Day by day he has learned many things in the industry of wine, and one of the most important things is: No matter how much someone learns every day or year after year, we always learn something new with every challenge and obstacle on the way. The most important thing is to overcome those challenges for a better crafting of wines.

Jorden Mingle

Jorden Mingle

Production Manager

Jorden Mingle grew up in the Sierra Foothills, his mother with Spanish and Mexican roots, and father who was raised in Germany. He attended University of California, Santa Barbara, then headed back to the hills.

He joined Miraflores in 2017 after eight years of experience at Lava Cap Winery, where he trained under winemakers Tom Jones (now Iron Hub) and Joe Norman (previously Heitz Wine Cellars), and now continues to learn from veteran Marco Cappelli, who was the original winemaker for Miraflores.

Ashlee Cuneo

Ashlee Cuneo

General Manager & Sommelier

Ashlee Cuneo is the General Manager here at Miraflores. She previously served as the winery’s in-house Sommelier, conducting library wine tastings and serving as a Sommelier for our PAIRINGS Food + Wine events.

Ashlee was born and raised in the heart of the Sonoma County wine country. Exploring unique and unusual flavors in food, wine, and new places was something she had always been passionate about. With the belief that wine truly has a “soul”, she realized she wanted to create a career using that passion. She attended the French Culinary Institute in Campbell, CA. where she studied under Master Sommelier, Erik Entriken.